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What yugioh cards should I buy?

I recently bought a rise of the dragon lords deck. The only cards I added to it were barrier statue of the heavens, straight flush, gravi-crush dragon, and flash of the forbidden spell. I want to buy some more cards, but I don't know which booster pack or starter deck to buy. Could someone please give me some advice as to what booster pack or starter deck would compliment my rise of the dragon lords deck?

What yugioh cards should I buy?
kaiba starter deck, tactical evolution booster, dinosaurs rage structure deck.
Reply:none cuz yugioh is for little kids. btw aren't u 2 old to be playing a childrens card game? if ur 9 then its ok
Reply:really I never knew that Cybernetic Revolution, Strike of Neos, and Tactical Evolution were the best boosters. I'm glad I have 3 strike of neos. 2 tatical evolution. and one cybernetic evolution.
Reply:The best booster packs are:

Cybernetic Revolution, Strike of the Neos, and Tactical Evolution. Starter decks are usually only good for obtaining staple reprinted cards.

Doing pole on age, about yugioh cards please answer.?

Just curious, im 19 and play yugioh please post your age, and how long you have been playing with yugioh cards.

Doing pole on age, about yugioh cards please answer.?
i am 13 and have beeen playing since the cards came out. i have a total of over 3000 cards.
Reply:what the hell boy?

yugioh? isn't that a bit i don't know,

childish for your age?

how about you go to college, get some

big boy clothes, shove the gameboy down

the toilet, and sell your stupid mystical creature

paper cards on ebay, so you can pay for college!

Reply:I'm 19, been playing for 6 years.
Reply:Well Im 14 going on 15 next week and Ive been playing for about 7 or 8 monthes. Doesnt really matter how old you are if its your hobby. Like the 1st poster said but its a hobby so get over it and stop judgeing others. What if we told you to stop shopping or something? I rest my case :D
Reply:25 been playing since 2001, and watched all yugioh episodes.
Reply:17 going on 18. been playing 4 a couple of years now.
Reply:im 20 ive ben playing sence i was 10


How can you custom make your own Yugioh Cards?

Here you go %26gt;%26gt;

How can you custom make your own Yugioh Cards?
Check on youtube. Thats where i got mine
Reply:ones in a wiel on it will say "yugioh desien you'r desteny cards contest" so print it out then with in an amount of time you can make your own card give it to the compeny if you name is chosen your cad becomes real and you get the first copy.

How much will 1000 yugioh cards sell for on ebay?

this is a very broad question. the range of a card is from 5 cents to a couple hundred dollars. how about listing a few or checking their price on card selling websites?!?

How much will 1000 yugioh cards sell for on ebay?
There's a great set of instructions on eHow about how to figure out not only what the final sale price will be, but what the final profit will be.

Here are the eHow instructions:

Hope it helps
Reply:It depends on what they are. If they are only a bunch of old commons, they aren't worth the cardboard they are made of.
Reply:27cents to hunderds of dollars a card
Reply:$0 if ur lucky!!!!!

Tips for selling yugioh cards on ebay?

I've already tried it once and no one bidded. does anyone have any tip on selling them? I have two and a half tins full of cards and over 100 holographics.

Tips for selling yugioh cards on ebay?
split them up and boast about how good they are and put the title with star at the front and end like this example.

**cyberdark dragon ULTIMATE RARE**

and list it's rarity in caps
Reply:sell them to me email me @ buZheBaBy@yahoo
Reply:try splitting them up and exaggerating about them like there the best in the world only one of them left like that i tried it and it worked

What is the best way to beat a hella good dragon deck with yugioh cards?

plz list cards i need

What is the best way to beat a hella good dragon deck with yugioh cards?
Use the Trap card DNA change, and the magic card Insect barrier. And have plenty of dragon trap cards
Reply:magician deck is your best chice, wall of revealing light to keep them of soul exchange to summon buster blader. or dark paladin
Reply:well my deck beat the @#$% out of a dragon deck in only 2 turns!!!!!!

my deck has these as my main cards to destroy my opponent


Gilford the lightning

gilford the legend

d hero dasher

maruading captain x2

exiled force x2

goblin attack force


dd warrior lady

dd giude

Spells :

wave-motion cannon

monster reborn

Traps :

sakuretsu armor x2

this is all my best cards i used to destroy a deck with all dragons, and this is only half my deck, and MY ENTIRE DECK DOESN'T USE BUSTER BLADER AT ALL, because i used my gilford the lightning and equiped it with 3 axe of dispairs, and it had higher attack so it was easily destroyed

(ps.... the deck was made by the tournament controller)
Reply:Psh Yugioh.
Reply:Dragon capture jars. this is techniqely teching against some1 elses deck. not a gud habit
Reply:get the 3 grate dragons and my most favorite the spells destroyer.
Reply:buster blader, there is no dragon alive that can beat him

shoe buckles

Where is the best place to sell yugioh cards and to get the most money for them on the internet?

not sure if they are worth anything right now... they have not been out for very long and you can still get them in flea markets and such... you may need to keep them for a few more years until they are actually out of print in order for them to be come of any value... to a collector ... you can try ebay or coin/hobby/collector's stores to sell them...

Where is the best place to sell yugioh cards and to get the most money for them on the internet?
What the 1st, 4th and 5th said yea cuz if u like live around san jose/ campbell area there is this shop i dunno what its called but u can probaly sell ur cards.

Reply:Try starcitygames
Reply:Ok they are worth like 2 cents a piece. They have not been out long so noone in their right mind would buy them. If you wana make money save them and sell them in like 20 years.
Reply:You can try ebay and amazon but it is hard to find a place out there that is willing to buy cards.